New BringCast 4 build: 4.0.43

Hello Friends.  Hope this post finds you well.  For those of you living in the US, happy 4th of July Holiday weekend (and see end of post for a holiday special we’re running)!

On our end, now that the craziness of the day jobs have died down a bit we have been able to push out an update to our BringCast 4 UWP which fixes some bugs and adds, a couple of minor enhancements and one new experimental feature.  The change log for the former is as follows:

  • Fixed a bug with staggering animation in playlists, episode views
  • Enabled new animations by default
  • Fixed a bug preventing themepack 2 from working correctly
  • Some layout improvements to the lower playback strip region of the app
  • Added a setting for disabling the lighting effect that is used when buffering playback.  This was causing a crash on some Windows Phone devices.

Pickup where you left off on another device

This marks the first step towards our stated goal of being more multi-device friendly over time:  we have built a new experimental feature (hence available to Pro users of the app) which allows you to view all devices in your Windows device graph and continue listening to the current podcast episode on one of those devices.  Let’s say you’re listening to our good friends Carl and Richard (Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 2) over at .NET Rocks!  on your shiny new Surface Pro using BringCast:

By clicking on the new cast icon, you get a menu showing you your device graph:

And from there you can click on another device, like your Elite x3 and playback will continue there picking up at the same spot.

Why James”, you say,  “That’s great and all but I’d really love to have the same experience with my” (insert your favorite mobile device here).  We hear you.  Definitely looking into this scenario as well.

That’s all for now.. apart from.. because it is a celebrated holiday in the US, we are dropping the price of a BringCast 4 pro annual subscription from $6.99 to $1.99.  That’s over a 70% discount!  Get it while it’s hot.. offer ends on Friday 7/7/2017.  Subscriptions are what get’s you access to the full feature set of BringCast including experimental features and also is what helps to keep the lights on our end so we thank you for helping to keep things going here.

Happy Holidays.