BringCast 4 update

V4 is Out! Back in January we released the official version 4 release of BringCast after a marathon development process.  This was certainly a huge milestone for us as the porting journey ended with the codebase running as a Universal Windows Application on desktop and mobile Windows devices.  Thanks to all our loyal users and supporters who have stuck with us over the years.

On a related note, the “UWP beta” version of the app has been taken down from the store.. New policy does not allow apps with Beta as part of the name, hence all our current and future versions will go out from the official BringCast app that you can find at this link:

Patch: Today we’re releasing the first patch for V4 including the following fixes / additions [in the final stage of certification / release at the time of writing]:

  • Fix an issue with telemetry reporting
  • Fix a race condition that could occur on application startup when downloads complete exactly at the same time as new downloads start
  • Fix an issue causing skins to not apply correctly on some machines
  • Pro feature: Ability to turn on experimental animation features for Pro subscribers
  • Experimental feature to enable clearing the current item from the player
  • Ability to disable the lighting effect when buffering playback for a new track.. This fixes an issue that can cause some mobile devices to reboot
  • New 1 week long Pro subscription

New Licensing Model: One of the changes we’ve made in V4 of the app is our approach to licensing.  There were really two main goals for this change: 1) have a fully free version of the app with no adverts and a decent entry level feature set 2) move our paid offering to a subscription model.  It is simply not economical to ship an app for a one-off payment of a dollar or two these days.  Hence we’re hoping that users that value the more advanced features are willing to invest in us and in future versions.  And for those that aren’t, we hope that the free offering will be good enough.  This is certainly something of an experiment and we’ll see how it goes.  Users who are willing to support us and invest in a Pro subscription will get all the latest features automatically before they become part of the main product.  We’re also hoping that the level of income that Pro generates is sufficient to support a cloud sync service.  Time will tell.

Next: We’re already working on new features that will be coming out in stages over the next few months.  We are looking closely at some of the new capabilities in the Windows 10 Creator’s update and will be incorporating some of those in due course.  We definitely don’t want to do any more “big bang” releases; instead we’ll introduce features more incrementally and therefore more rapidly.  We’ll also test out features via the experimental channel which is available to Pro subscribers.  As ever, let us know what you’d like us to work on and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

Thanks: Again, thanks to all who have stuck with us and continue to use the product.  You inspire us to keep going!  If you really want to help out, please do rate us in the store: it really does help us out.

thx y’all, you totally ROCK!

Love James and Mark